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Welcome to Nice People. We are a free print magazine and event series showcasing all the nice people doing nice things in Leeds. With a new Issue every two months, we celebrate the local initiatives, independents and creatives.


Founded in 2018 by Meg Firth and Tom Nixon.

Party Mom Society: Making parties fun, safe and accessible

Hosting accessible workshops and the wildest of parties, Party Mom Society provide a safe space for anyone to come together, cut shapes and let their hair down. Meg Firth talks to co-founder Emma about how the collective are recalibrating the party and arts scene here in Leeds and their goals for the future.

Pot Yer Tits Away Luv: The Leeds Artist Making Tit Pots For a Living

When public expressions of self-love are on trend and the championing of nudity in popular culture is rife, Emma Low fits in perfectly. Armed with air-drying clay, an array of paints and a sharp attention to detail, the Scottish-born Leeds-based artist has turned crafting ‘tit pots’ into her full-time job.

Let Them Play: The Art Collective encouraging you to play more

Meet Let Them Play, the new art collective encouraging people to go back to their childish roots and integrate more play into everyday life. Meg Firth talks to co-founder Melissa Fund about the future of the collective and on the creative scene in the North.